December 22, 2016

In this year’s run-up to Christmas, Spairliners organized an employee auction for obsolete IT devices like Laptops and Smart Phones among its 55 employees and donated to UNICEF. The idea came from the IT department who saw that the discarded devices are still in a good shape for private usage. A large majority of the employees participated in this auction and in response to the popularity of this project, a considerably sum was exceeded.

For over a decade, the project “schools for Africa” has aimed at providing basic school education to children in 13 African countries, including Malawi, Madagascar, Niger, Rwanda and South Africa. The UNICEF project has reached over 28 million children that now learn in newly built or renovated classrooms and benefit from adequate teaching material or enhanced teaching quality.

“UNICEF would like to express their gratitude to Spairliners for their great involvement. The donation enables us to successfully continue our work in the “schools for Africa” educational project”, said Michaela Eugen-Albrecht, head of the UNICEF group in Hamburg. “The generous amount will equip more children with required learning material, such as notebooks and pens – essential building blocks to safeguard the children’s primary education.”