Spairliners brings together repair services, supply chain management and smart inventory management to ensure that everything is provided by a single source. Our Integrated Component Care offers one-of-a-kind tailored and efficient support for A380 and E-Jet operators. It is our mission to help you return your aircraft to service as fast as possible by reliably providing high-quality serviceable components.


Transport managed by Spairliners

AOG Desk Support 24/7

Available around the clock, our AOG Desk is an essential part of our business offering. With short response times to all requests, our team ensures that components are delivered to customers whenever and wherever they are needed. Our AOG services are available to all operators of the Airbus A380 and Embraer E-Jet aircraft families.

Worldwide: +49 40 8221 75301
Americas: +1 866 676 4129 (toll free)

Access from anywhere

Our secure mySpairliners customer portal allows you to instantly place orders and track your requests. The user-friendly mobile application considerably simplifies your component requests, displays all order and accounting processes and directly interfaces with common ERP systems. So you can conveniently manage and monitor your operational supply chain processes in a live system.

Access from anywhere with mySpairliners

Repair Management


Our repair management provides in-house repair capabilities provided by OEM-independent market leaders.

By relying on our lean repair management, you benefit from integrated support provided by industry leaders. Our efficient one-stop-shop solution offers you reliable services performed by OEM-independent partners. Having access to the repair shops of Air France KLM Engineering & Maintenance and the Lufthansa Technik Group, we rely on state-of-the-art facilities that offer a wide range of in-house repair capabilities and employ highly experienced mechanics and engineering experts.
What’s more, the inventory repair and maintenance specialists in our own teams are always there to support you anywhere around the globe. In the Americas, for example, we rely on the Barfield Group and Lufthansa Technik Component Services as our MRO partners.


Our experienced teams offer material management and engineering, including retrofit management.

Spairliners employs state-of-the-art supply chain management. This guarantees a modern in-house logistics infrastructure and ensures technical support by a dedicated engineering team. This is our proven approach to managing airworthiness and maintenance certificates and forms as well as simplifying the transit through customs and security.
We offer door-to-door component transport and distribute parts swiftly via our central logistics centers in France (Paris), Germany (Munich and Frankfurt), Singapore and the USA (Fort Lauderdale) as well as several other warehouses located throughout the regions.

Supply Chain Management

Our Inventory Pool


Our worldwide pools and local inventory stocks guarantee short turnaround times and availability around the clock.

Our Integrated Component Care solution gives customers access to a large, state-of-the-art component pool. As a fleet operator, you can count on maximum global availability of aircraft components at reduced costs and at a lower economic risk.
We operate our own component pool and have comprehensive in-house repair capabilities. As asset management specialists, we naturally work with smart forecasting technologies for LRU pooling. In addition to monitoring the removal intervals and display situations in real time, we constantly evaluate the required stock, including home base stocks.

“We act as the customer’s single point of contact for all component-related issues, and we handle all administrative details accordingly so that we can always guarantee the provisioning of serviceable and highly reliable LRUs."

Thies Möller

CEO and Managing Director at Spairliners